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Students - Student Support / Health & Nursing Services - Special Education

Students who are in need of special education services are first identified through a referral, assessment, and case conference process. This process, in accordance with Public Law 101-476 and Indiana Article 7, ensures that all children who qualify receive an individualized education program, are provided a free appropriate public education, and are educated in the least restrictive environment. Throughout the process, the rights and confidentiality of children and their families are protected.

The New Albany-Floyd County Schools provide a full continuum of services to meet the needs of children who have disabilities.

Communication Handicapped (CH) Services are available in all of the New Albany-Floyd County schools for children who have speech or language disorders. Certified speech pathologists provide necessary therapeutic services and work closely with teachers, speech assistants, and parents to promote strong communication skills.

Learning Disable (LD) Students with learning disabilities receive services through building-based programs. All elementary and secondary schools in the county have programs that are designed to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities. Emphasis is placed on providing necessary accommodations to allow students to participate in general education classes. Resource rooms are available for students when it can e documented that additional support is necessary to provide appropriate educational services.

Emotionally Disturbed (ED) A range of program options are available for students who have emotional problems which interfere with educational progress. Resource support is available in the student’s Home School and two self-contained programs are available at Mt. Tabor School. At the secondary level, resource and self-contained programs are available at all middle and senior high schools. Certified teachers, instructional assistants, and an administrative team coordinate an educational approach to assist students to learn to deal with emotional adversity.

Mildly Mentally Handicapped (MIMH) Students receive services in their home school. The MIMH program promotes participation in regular classroom settings while providing necessary special education support. Resource programs are available at all middle and senior high schools. Emphasis is placed on allowing students to progress with classmates while building appropriate social skills, setting career goals, and receiving academic instruction on a level designed to promote academic and skill development.

Moderately Mentally Handicapped (MoMH) The primary and intermediate programs for moderately mentally handicapped students are located at Mt. Tabor & Georgetown Elementary Schools. The programs are uniquely designed to promote development in daily living skills, occupational readiness skills, social skills, and functional academics. Community based activities are built into the curriculum throughout the school year. Secondary level programs are located at Hazelwood Middle School, Highland Hills Middle School, Floyd Central High School and New Albany High School. Students are included in regular programming in accordance with goals and objectives identified in their individualized education programs. Community based activities continue to be an important part of the curriculum at all levels.

Severely Mentally Handicapped and Multiply Handicapped (MH) The primary and intermediate program for students with severe or multiple disabilities is located at Mt. Tabor School. The secondary level programs are located at Highland Hills Middle School and Floyd Central High School. Students in this program develop functional academic skills, daily living skill, pre-vocational skills, and appropriate social skills. Community-based instruction is part of the curriculum for this program. An Augmentative and assistive technology team assists in program development when necessary to facilitate communication skills and/or the use of assistive devices.

Hearing Impaired (HI) Elementary programming for students with hearing impairments is provided at Mt. Tabor School. Services include consultation and resource room services as well as full time services if needed. Scribner Middle School and New Albany High School are sites for secondary level hearing impaired programs. Services are provided by an itinerant teacher. Interpreter services are provided as needed.

Visually Impaired (VI) Students with visual impairments receive services in their home schools in the regular classroom setting. Special materials and devices such as large print books, enlarging equipment, and magnification devices are provided as needed. Services are provided by an itinerant teacher certified in the areas of visual impairments and mobility training.

Orthopedically Impaired (OI) Students with orthopedic/physical handicaps receive services in the regular classroom setting. Adaptive materials which may be needed to allow for participation in school activities are provided. When, necessary, transfer to a barrier free facility may be arranged. Services are monitored by an itinerant teacher certified in the area of orthopedic impairments.

Students who qualify for services in categories such as Traumatic Brain Injury, Deaf/Blind, Autism or Other Health Impaired are provided programming in accordance with the individualized education program designed by their respective case conference committee. Every effort is made to ensure that students receive appropriate services in the least restrictive environment.

Homebound/Hospital Programs Homebound/hospital programs provide instruction to children who are unable to attend school. For special education students, homebound/hospital instruction is initiated at the request of the case conference committee when necessary for medical reasons or after all other possibilities for keeping the student in school have been considered. Homebound/hospital instruction is also available for general education students who cannot attend school for medical reasons. Written authorization from a physician is required indicating that the child has an illness or injury which requires hospital or homebound instruction for a period of at least four weeks or whenever the student has a chronic illness or medical condition which requires periodic hospitalization or home care during the course of the school year.

Preschool/Early Intervention Program Early intervention is provided to 3, 4 or 5 year-old children who are eligible for services under Public Law 99-457. The New Albany-Floyd Country schools maintain several center based programs in various elementary schools. These self-contained programs have a capacity for eight special needs students with teacher and instructional assistant support. A collaborative program between the school system and Floyd County Headstart program is available for eligible four year old children. Preschool children who are able to attend local community preschool or day care centers are provided that opportunity. Support services are provided for these children to ensure that their community experiences are successful. Certified speech/language pathologists provide screening, evaluation, and therapeutic services for eligible students. In addition, parents are provided with instruction on working with their children to develop better communication and learning skills.

Transition Services Finding Opportunities and Rewards in Transitional Education (FORTE) is a secondary level transition program which assists special needs students with occupational and life choices as they prepare to transition into adult life. This program works closely with Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services and local community agencies and employers. In addition to on-the-job supported employment opportunities, the program offers classroom instruction on an elective basis in the area of occupational guidance and preparation skills.

Vocational Education Special Education students who meet eligibility requirements are afforded the opportunity to participate in the vocational/technical training programs offered at Prosser School of Technology.

Alternative Education Programs Special education students may also participate in one of several alternative education programs if the case conference committee feels that the student has the potential to be successful in an alternative educational environment.

The New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation provides related services as designated on a student’s individualized education program. “Related services means those services which are supplementary and complementary to the instructional program are required to assist a student to benefit from special education. Such services may be developmental, corrective, or supportive in nature and are generally provided by persons other than the teacher to whom the student is assigned.” (Indiana Article 7) The most common related services are occupational therapy, physical therapy and special transportation.

The school system has an Augmentative and Assistive Technology Team which will assess individual student needs, research available technology, and assist in writing appropriate educational plans for children who require augmentative or assistive devices in order to benefit from their educational program.

School Psychological Services provide assessment for students referred for educational evaluations. In addition, the school psychologists provide consultation services to parents, teachers and administrators and participate in case conference committee meetings.

The New Albany-Floyd County schools maintain a fleet of buses devoted to providing appropriate transportation services for students who need specialized transportation or whose program needs require that they be transferred to a school other than their home school. Specially equipped busses and vans are available for community based activities and field trips. Special transportation is also provided for students who attend Indiana School for the Blind or Indiana School for the Deaf in Indianapolis.

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